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Actually On Dirt (@actuallyondirt) is a Chicago x NYC based clothing 'whatever' created by Evan Brown (@midwestmarauder) with art and design by Sarah Lillz (@sarahlillz_ ).

The collaboration began when Evan reached out to Sarah for something gritty to represent his chosen slogan of being "On Dirt" or "Up to No Good," which was used to describe his characteristic banter with other artists and photographers that practiced misogynic and racist behavior in local creative fields. Inspired, Sarah created the doodle of skull with a blunt with unapologetic 90s hand type.

After Dirt caught on as an identity, people started telling Evan they'd wear his logo on a t-shirt. Sooo Evan said fuck it and invited Sarah in as co-founder to create a full line of streetwear in the spring of 2018. 

Dirt spread to NYC where Sarah is currently based. From there, they've created several garments lines, pulling in friends, artists and lovers for various collaborations, skillsets, in attempt to elevate artists, creators and Dirt.